Lisa Fewell (liabunny) wrote in component_help,
Lisa Fewell

FreeFind Search...

techupdate pointed out to me that to get the FreeFind Search to work, you have to set the starting point (under the "build index" tab on the FreeFind Control Center) to to get it to work... So if you are having problems with it, try that and it should work.

I just asked aelana to add that to the tutorial.

Also, if you want to make the search results show up on a page that looks like your component layout, you will have to view the source of your journal, and then customize it in an html editor to get rid of all the entries and stuff. Then add in ::title:: where you want the search result title to show, and ::content:: where you want the search results to go. Then upload it to FreeFind in the "Customize" tab in the FreeFind Control Center.

I just got it working here, so you can now search *all* the entries, and see a sitemap of this community. And the search results show up in a page that looks like this community (minus the previous/next links, update component, and calendar component)

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