Miss Stacy (arysani) wrote in component_help,
Miss Stacy

little things.

okay, thanks to kunzite1, i was able to fix most of the disaster which was the theme layer i posted previously.

now, i don't know what i did or did not do properly, but now i'm trying to get rid of the "sound:" (which is the music tag), so it doesn't show up when there is no information in it.

it shows up on every entry, whether i have specified a value for the music tag or not. so when i don't have any music, it just says "sound:" and i don't want that there if there is no value -- i would like it to be like the mood (not seen if there is no value)

so how do i do that?

here is the link to my layer code</> if i did it right, the source should be viewable...

also, just a wee thing, what is the code (similar to "$e.journal.userpic") that i can put in my profile component so the userpic that is picked up is always the default? right now i have it so that it is a specific url, which just happens to be my default...but is there a code i can replace it with?

thanks for all your help!

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