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2 things I can't figure out with entries

I've just started using Component today and I've got it tweaked very nearly to my liking.  There are just two things I can't seem to figure out, no matter how much I edit the print_entry function.

1.  I can't seem to get the mood text to align vertically to the middle of the mood image rather than the bottom.  I've tried a div and a table and neither did anything but screw up the mood section of the entry.

2.  I'd like to make the user icon/name section of friends page entries look a bit more like Generator (which I used until today).  I'd like for the background/foreground colors that I chose for my friends/communities when I added them to apply to the text in addition to the border around the image.  I've photoshopped a couple images to demonstrate what I mean.
Edit: Thanks to daimones for solving this for me.

Any help on this would be most graciously appreciated.

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