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Can someone help me with shrinking and centering my journal. I don't want a huge change right now but just enough.. and later I will be wanting to add a header when I finish it so I need both codes.. but can you do them seperate and show me where they would both go together for later? I have already looked through the tutorials and I have found everything I needed on my own and my journal is almost exactly the way I want it. But I have looked at the tutorials for shrinking and centering and applied them and it said I messed up my journal even though it complied with no errors. So I went back and deleted that out.

Please someone take the time to help me. I help many others with their stuff and am a fast learner but this is something I need explained to me, exactly what to copy and paste for the shrinking and centering.. b/c for one thing with that tutorial on it.. it's not that clear.

Thank you.

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