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SOLVED: *Gasp* ...what have I done? - Lost Customizations

[Edit: nevermind... fixed it myself, I guess i'll leave the question/answer here anyway, in case anyone searches for this kind of basic troubleshoting?]


I was trying to show a friend how they could customize their journal... thinking they were logged into their LiveJournal, not realizing I was logged in to my own journal instead of their new journal.

I changed the selections in the layout and theme, then, when I loaded the journal page I was horrified to see MY journal style changed, and not theirs.

When I immediately reselected Componet for my journal, my customizations did not reappear automatically. My journal is now in the bland elegant default-grey component style. I found I could reselect my theme to get the s2 customizations I had coded to reapply to my journal. But, my style and layout customizations (colors, text, background images, etc...) that were originally made through the LJ journal style customizer (and not through s2 re-coding) are still not reapplied.

In the list of My Layers (in the advanced customization screen, right abovt all the other custom layers I created playing around with s2 code customizations) I recognize the first child listed under the Component style as my previous style customizations that I wish to reapply to my journal:

Layer ID 1276132
Type user
Name (none)

The "user" layer does not appear in the pull-down list of themes I can select on the Customize Journal page... What can I do to have my customizations defined in the user layer reapply?

I guess this question is probably not Component-style specific, but maybe someone can help? ...please?

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