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Update Component x_x

Okay. I've hunted through the tutorials, I've blistered my way through parentheses and brackets and whoknowswhatelse, and now I have a problem I absolutely cannot figure out.

I finally got to the point where I wouldn't get errors while trying to make my user theme incorporate the "full update" component (with login~ yay). There's only one problem now; when I USE the theme (actually the user layer), the update component WILL NOT show.

Aahhhhh, save me.

And if it's something completely obvious, I'm going to go poke a needle into a cushion many many times. :/
<-- Done that, the cushion is now ded-dead

++ Now does anyone know how to fix the entire double-header thing, or know how to make the component boxes smaller (not both boxes and entries, just the component column)? I'm still hunting down a tutorial or anything on that one. XD

I think the official consensus is that I am stupid. *baps herself for overlooking simple things and rummages through more tutorials* It's so fun to play with layouts. :p

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