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Okay I guess it's my turn *grin*.

After a couple of days of reading through almost every tutorial (my head and eyes are still swimming from all that code!), one day of gathering my wits and whatever shreds of sanity and bravery I had lying around, and finally one feverish night of (almost) everything finally making sense and going nuts doing all sorts of fun things to my layout (copy and paste is my friend!).. I'm completely stumped.

Something tells me that what I am about to ask may be so obvious that my lack of sleep is what's keeping me from figuring it out.. But I have to ask it anyway.

I've been trying to add another side component, and I've read the tutorials on how to add additional components more times than I could count seeing if I'm missing something.. But for the life of me, I can't get the component to show up.

I have a copy of the code I'm using which is here. The code that won't show up (even though everything compiles) is for my counter (under the code for the marquee) and is labled Counter Box.

*puppy~dog eyes* What is it I'm not getting or overlooking?

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