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Have I used conflicting code in the same layer?


I succeed in added vertical space at the top of the page above my side-component and above my entries with a slight variation on the code referenced in THIS question that I asked here in early Feb, basically by defining a vertical space size with
function Page::print_custom_head()
and then adding a
 """<div class="verticalSpacer"></div>"""; 
line into both
 function print_my_entries(Page p, string title) { 
 function print_profile(Page p) {
So far so good...

As another (final) "tweak" tonight I attempted to introduce some custom-sized horizontal spacing between the side component and the journal entries, and at the page sides with the code from THIS previous entry into this community.


The good part... the Horiz-Space code introduced the horizontal spacing, as advertised. (yeah!)

The bad part... it removed (as in it just disappeared) the top navigation bar (instead of using the navigation component, I prefer to turn that option off and have the navigation links in the bar across the top). It also removed the vertical space at the top I had previously worked to introduce; the components were instead aligned flush with the very top of the page.

shrunken screen shot after applying code:

Right now my journal, for comparison, is back as it was before I applied this horiz-space adding code (with Nav bar and a vertical spacing at the top).


Why did this horiz-spacing code obliterate my "standard" top Nav bar?
Why did it remove the page-top spaces that I added in this same layer?
Is there any simple modification to this code where I can keep the top Nav bar and top-space, and also have horizontal space (preferably with this simple code)

thanks in advance for taking the time to read all this... any insight or help will be greatly appreciated. (-:

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