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print_custom_head - entry text format and background graphic image

After reding through and playing with THIS (very nicely done) explanation of print_custom_head I do have a question/problem, [Update/resolution is in blue]

When I added this code to my theme layer, my background image (wallpaper) was changed to a cascade of horizontal component bars. I see the code points to the same location for the background for the page here as as it does (farther down) for the background image for "headers" (in red in the code excerpt behind cut)? - So I realize I need to edit this background image location somehow to point back to the my journal-background graphic file... I could hard-code in the actual off-LiveJournal url I suppose, but it would be nice to have the code allow me to continue to use the Customization tool in the future and point towards the location I specified in the customization interface? How do I code that location here? Sheesh... if I spend enough hours reading ALL the previous questions and answers here eventually I find that every question i would ask has already been explained. HERE I learned that background-image: url($*page_background_image); will get me back the background image specified in the Customization Wizard. For the record I really do work through the tutorials and search the Q&A's before I ever ask a question. This community is an amazing resource, thank you all.

Also - when I change what appears to be the number of pixels for the font-size in the body-text of my journal entries (the font-size: 12px parameter in the code behind the cut, in red), the font size in my journal entries is NOT changing? Is this not the parameter for the size of the body-text in normal journal entries? When I compile with this code, my journal entry-text font shrunk from what it was before I had a function Page::print_custom_head() defined. I just want to get it back to its prior slightly large size and keep the rest of the font/style customization I have made.? ...Doh! okay I was just being stupid there - solved that problem. Still would appreciate someone explaing to me how to link to the background image specified in the Customization tool? ... and I still can't figure out what text that "font-size:" parameter in the Body{} portion of the code does apply to?

I am using the whole code in my layer... I have just copied the Body{} portion that I believe is relevant to my questions :

body {
background-color: $*main_bgcolor; /* background color of page */
background-repeat: repeat; /* if background image, make it repeat vertically and horizontally */
background-position: center; /* if background image, make it start in center */
background-attachment: scroll; /* if background image, make it scroll when scrollbars used */
background-image: url("$*SITEROOT/palimg/component/top-bg.gif/pt$palimg"); /* url for background image */
margin-top: 0px; /* top margin, in pixels */
margin-left: 0px; /* left margin, in pixels */
margin-right: 0px; /* right margin, in pixels */
font-family: $*font_family; /* font for body text */
font-size: 12px; /* font size for body text - in entry?!?!?! */
color: $*entry_fgcolor; /* color for body text */

background-image: url("$*SITEROOT/palimg/component/top-bg.gif/pt$palimg"); /* ?????? is this the url for the journal background image?

then farther down in the code:
background-image: url("$*SITEROOT/palimg/component/top-bg.gif/pt$palimg"); /* background image for header */

Shrunken down screen shot of the "cascading headers" background (for reference - my journal currently looks normal because I have pointed to the url of the background image as a temporary fix):

any help will be appreciated, thank you.

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