Ashley (boudoir) wrote in component_help,

I post in here everyday, haha, sorry guys.

I have a few questions for ya'll, sorry if this is too much! =/

1.) How do I get the title bar thingy at the top to go away?

2.) How do I hide the Memories/Edit buttons?(If possible)

3.) I can't get the font in my entries the same as the font in my sidebar? I have it set to Tahoma, 7pt, but in my entries, it shows up as 8pt. I know a girl just asked this question a few entries down... but those suggestions didn't work either. =/

4.) Also, I used the Mixing Components, and, well i don't really know what the problem is, lol, my other components aren't showing up, (calendar,nav links), and i have NO CLUE why. Can anyone tell me what I should put in this part of my coding..

set first_position  = "free_text_order";
set second_position = "print_calendar";
set third_position  = "print_links";
set fourth_position = "none";
set fifth_position  = "none";
set sixth_position  = "none";
set show_free_text  = true;

Man, my LJ is just a big mess. <3 Thanks a MILLIONNNN! +1 ;*)


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