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Because of all the wonderful smart people here who have come up with tutorials, the 'tutorials' component is getting rather long and cluttered... Definitely not saying that meaning it's bad that we have so many tutorials, cuz that's really great ;) But I'm trying to think of a better way to list out the tutorials... Or is it just me? I just think it's too cluttered looking... There are a few things I could do about this, but I'm not sure what is the best option, so I thought I'd see what y'all think.

One thought was that I could make a post that lists all the tutorials in it, and then put a link in a component or the welcome message... or just link to the memories. But although they are all in the memories, I like listing them out myself because I can put them in the order I want, where the "getting started" and stuff like that is at the top, and I can sort out all the stylesheet ones together, search box ones together, etc...

Another thought was that I could put together a little website with all the tutorial stuff in it... Yeah, I have no life and need a new project ;) So I may do that anyway just for the hell of it. One up-side to that would be that I can edit things that need to be editted as we figure out new code. For example, the palimg code can be implemented into a lot of the tutorials. Of course some people have/will go back and edit their tutorials with updated codes, but I'm willing to bet not everyone will. Although it's not *that* big of a deal, I just thought it'd be nice to have everything as up to date as possible. Another up-side would be that I'd have more room to explain what the tutorials are... you may have noticed, in the 'tutorials' component I added a description under some of the links to explain what it is, so that people don't have to click on all of them to find what they want, or to differenciate (sp?) between similar tutorials such as the search or stylesheet tutorials. One down-side to this though is that it'd take a little more time for me to get the tutorials up on a website, because I'd be doing more than just adding a link.

Personally, I prefer for it to all be on the community page in some way, so that people see it when they go to the community... I think if everything is in plain view, easy to see, it keeps repeated questions and such at a minimum, and it makes it easier for people to get to all of it... With the list being as long as it is, I think it definitely stands out so at least people can't miss it... But I just hate how cluttered it looks... I saw in tjackson's LJ, he mentioned something about wanting to find a way to make things expandable/collapsable... I don't know if that's even possible though, I think the only way I've seen menus and stuff like that is with javascript or something... But if it's possible, that would definitely be nice... Yet that still goes against my whole thing of liking it to be noticable...

Oh, another thought just popped into my head... maybe if I keep the component there, listing the 5 most recent tutorials or something... then under those have a list to a post that has them all listed out? I think I might like this idea best... unless someone has better ideas or thinks another way I mentioned would be better...

One other option might be that I could make an image to fit in the component that links to a post with the tutorials... That way it'd still be noticeable and people would see it, and it's much easier for me to just go back and edit a post than it is to have to constantly go into the layers and edit...

Ok, wow, I just rambled a lot. So, give me your opinions and ideas :)

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