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[Tutorial] Sorting it all out.

So you started with the Wizard and then later learned enough of the coding to build from the tutorials, but you ended up with your colors in your User layer, and then later added more customization to your User layer. But you wish to sort it all out now as per this tutorial (which is an excellent starting place for anyone new to customizing Component!) so that all your colors are in your Theme Layer and your customizations are in your User Layer.

Please note, this is my first tutorial, so please be kind.

1. Go to your User Layer and copy all that into your text editor (Wordpad for Windows users, or other text editor of choice) Save it. Do not copy over it. This is your backup in case all goes awry. Make any saves in a separate document, i.e. "Save As" not "Save".

2. Open another copy of your text editor, cut and paste all color codes from the start of your; User Layer and place in that new document. This is the beginning of your Theme Layer. You may want to make note of the fact that these are your customizations as follows:
set comp_fgcolor = "#78746e"; 
set entry_fgcolor = "#252321"; 
set entry_link_visited = "#555555"; 
set header_fgcolor = "#727162"; 
set header_fgcolor_lt = "#141414"; 
set main_bgcolor = "#a2c5e3";
The beginning of your User Layer should now be free of color codes.

3. Go to the Advanced Customizations page, and under the Documentation page, select Public Layers. Scroll down until you find Component and then directly beneath it, 10 Children. These "Children" are the different public themes available. Select the one you started with. In my case, I was using Mellow. What you should see should look like this:

Take those properties you have not changed, listed under Properties Set, and add them as follows:
set calendar_active = "#d9e1d9";
set calendar_inactive = "#a2b2b1";
Make sure to remember the ; or you will have errors.
If you do not want the lines in the background as per the default Parent Layer then you will need to add at the bottom:
set page_background_image = "";

4. Back in your User Layer if you want to clean up your first (default) Free Text Box and add a title in place of the default (which I think is "About This Journal"), then go to:

Substitute the text of your choice for the value in the parentheses, remembering to put it in quotation markes. In my case it now reads:
print_comp_header("Morgan's Philosophy");

5. Paste the changed User Layer and compile. If your lucky, like I was, you will come up with no errors.

6. create a new theme layer (back in Advanced Customizations) using the pull down menus. Paste your colors in there. Compile. The result should look like this:
layerinfo "source_viewable" = 1;
layerinfo "type" = "theme";
layerinfo "name" = "elfwench_component_theme1_mellowrevised";

set calendar_active = "#d9e1d9";
set calendar_inactive ="#a2b2b1";
set comments_bgcolor = "#bcc4c3";
set comments_screened_bgcolor = "#d6c8cc";
set comp_bgcolor = "#c6cfd5";
set comp_fgcolor = "#78746e";
set entry_bgcolor = "#a2b2b1";
set entry_fgcolor = "#252321";
set entry_link = "#6b7f8d";
set entry_link_visited = "#555555";
set header_bgcolor = "#d9e1d9";
set header_fgcolor = "#727162";
set header_fgcolor_lt = "#141414";
set header_link = "#6b7f8d";
set main_bgcolor = "##d6c8cc";
set page_background_image = "";
. Compile this. Hopefully there should be no errors.
7. Now to put it together. Go to Your Styles, under Advanced Customization, where it says Create Style, put in a name for your style. Click "Create". Select your language (i.e. English), and your Layout (in this case, Component). Click "Change".

8. You should now be on a page that says Edit Style. From the pull down menus, select both the theme and the user layer you just created. Click "Save Changes".  You should now be on the Your Styles page. Next to the style you just created, you should see three buttons, Edit, Delete, and Use. Click on Use.

And that should be it.  Congratulations!
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