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a simple thank you note

I thought about taking the following minutes to write this, because I just feel the need to let it out. No. It's not a request for help, since I pretty much got my journal to look comfy enough for me already.

It's a thank you note for you liabunny, masterslacker and corneliousjd.

Because of you guys I did everything I needed and wanted in my journal without trying to figure out a lot of the code myself. Some of us are just to busy with school or something else and I don't really had the time to read how exactly things it's heaven to come here and realize you already have a tutorial for it.

liabunny and corneliousjd you' guys are very dedicated and more importantly nice, it's very clear your desire to help others and you do it in such a friendly's delightful. You've done an incredible job so far.

masterslacker your tutorials are simply THE best out there, easy to use, I was able to understand everything...your pointers, your comments, the use of colors, they are really amazing. More importantly, you fixed the issue I had with the mini-calendar being all screwed up thanks to the "special announcement" former way. Keep it up.

You deserve a standing ovation. I love this community.

To each and every single one of the members in here, I wish you all a very happy christmas.

Thank you,

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