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Entry Component Background & Transparency

The goal: To the make the background of the components that hold the individual journal entries transparent, BUT NOT the entries themselves, or the individual user-icons, and not the background of the other components that I am using (profile, free-text)

From searching previous questions that have been asked for "transparency" and from tutorials I have learned to use: filter:alpha(opacity=70); -moz-opacity:0.70;

In my style sheet, when (immediately below the background-color: assignment), I add filter:alpha(opacity=70); -moz-opacity:0.70; to the .compBg {} section, the side components are transparent, but the journal entry components are untouched. So then, if instead I add filter:alpha(opacity=70); -moz-opacity:0.70; to the .entryHolderBg {} section the ENTIRE entry (the entry componet background that I wanted to change to transparent is transparent (yeah!), but also the journal entry area itself (where the text is), the user icon for that entry, and everything else in the entry area is transparent.

Where do I need to add the filter-opacity line to have only the component background for the entries show transparent, or alternately, if I put the opacity filter into .entryHolderBg {}, how can I then specifiy that the entries themselves (white box with the entry text in it in the case of my journal) and the user-icon associated with that entry are not to be transparent?

partial screen shot for clarity/reference:

Sorry to be asking so many questions... I hope that my questions reflect that I am at least using the tutorials and previous Q&A here before asking for help?

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