Moxie (bemocked) wrote in component_help,

Clock Tutorial output format question & potential problem in clock tutorial logic

Hopefully this will be easy? Basic output format question...

What in THIS (clock tutorial) code output format forces the date and the time to be displayed on subsequent (separate) lines, why doesn't this return the date and time in one continuous line when I use it in a free text box?

Where is the break introduced? Is this impossible to avoid when combining a variable with a numerical value and a character string?

***Edit: update... I believe I found a glitch in the logic in the clock tutorial, so I just added this second portion to this question/entry:

I had to modify the logic for when to add one to $k1Cday for passing through midnight and entering the "next" day to:

if($k1Chour > 23) { # if your timezone is the day after system
$k1Chour = $k1Chour - 24; # figure out new hour value
$k1Cday = $k1Cday + 1; # make sure to change day value

in order to get the clock to switch from pm to am at 12:01(am) and to add one to the date at midnight, instead of at 1:00am (which is what it appeared to be doing)? Someone correct me if I am wrong here?

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