Paul (ninjamonkeyspy) wrote in component_help,

MonthPage Question

So let's pretend you have hundreds of entries, and you want to go back and add the memorable ones to your memories. Some you remember just based on the subject line. Others need to be looked at first. But there is no "Add to Memories" link on the MonthPage.

My question: Is there a tutorial or link anywhere out there where someone has reproduced the code that prints up the MonthPage exactly as the default Component layout does? If so, I can't find it, and it's all I need to add a little "Add to Memories" button! (which I would gladly post to the group)

If there is no such tutorial, I will resume studying other layouts' MonthPage code until I can trial-and-error my way through figuring out Component's.

Success! I will post the working customizations in ljstyleoverride soon. I'll link to it from here.

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