Lisa Fewell (liabunny) wrote in component_help,
Lisa Fewell

Making a little progress :)

Well, for the time being at least, I've put a div tag in the tutorials component so you can scroll through it. I don't know if there are any browsers that this won't work with, so let me know if you are having problems.

I'm going to work on categorizing them a bit, and I'm trying to find a code I've seen before to make an "alt" tag for a link, so that if you hold the mouse over the link you get a little box that pops up and gives you a description. I really liked it when I saw it, and that way I can still put descriptions there, but it won't look nearly as messy. Anyone know how to do this so I can stop searching? :)

Also, as diziara suggested, I've got the log in component to show up if you aren't logged in, and the update component to show up if you are logged in.

One other thing... masterslacker, I noticed when you did the code to add the link/memory/edit/email buttons to the entries, it put a larger space between the entries... It did it on my journal too, but it wasn't nearly as noticable there at least. Could you maybe see if you can figure out how to take that spacing out? Either that or add an equal amount of spacing between the entries and the components... I just think it looks weird to have the spacing different there... Thanks :)

Thanks to everyone for your input on how to make things look better here :)

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