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Three tutorial questions

Status Update: solved 3 of 3 Thank you!

In using THIS handy code to customize the look/style of journal entries the border line at the bottom of the entry-header thickened quite a bit - just simply by adding the code from the tutorial directly. I have since modified the code a little bit, but I can't see where the thickening of that line is coming from (so I can thin it down again). Solved One down.

Before & After:

[graphic removed after question was answered]

I have used the function page_layout(Page p) {} code from the ever-popular Shrinking & Centering tutorial to change the spacing around my components. My question is... is there a simple tweak that I am missing to right-justify the title bar all the way to edge of my journal screen/page, while still keeping the open-width to the far right of all the displayed journal entries beneath the title-component? So that my component layout with be something like this crude sketch: Solved Two down One question to go... (question is in comments below)

[graphic removed after question answered]

(3) [edited...]
The remaining aspect of this question (from the comments below) is how to alter the text (different color) for the links embedded in journal entry-text (or in an entry header), without effecting any of the other links on the page (in free text boxes, in profile component, etc).

With .entry a {} I was able to achieve just that... but for some unexplained reason adding a .entry a {} to my style sheet definitions messes up the formating of my journal title text? By "Journal Title Text" I mean the text in my title component? ...the text displayed by $p->title(). Solved

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