Nitzan (obsess) wrote in component_help,


So, yeah. I just put up component up, and there a few things i'd like to change, though everytime i try to add something to the override it has errors and such, and i'm just scared to ruin what i already built. So - these are the things i'd like to change -
1. Have everything squared instead of rounded (i managed to get my actual enteries squared, but how do i get the profile too?)
2. Make that box with the text above my enteries disappear.
3. Costumize my links (just the hover part, so that it'll change the cursor to default and have an underline)
4. I'm not sure if this is due-able, but is there a way to shrink the profile (and everything under it)? Width-wise i mean.
5. Have my profile box like ballroom's. I dunno how to costumize it like that.

I'm sorry if that's alot, i guess i'm asking for alot here, so any help would be appreciated! :D


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