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re: top banners and wallpapers (background images)

Hi. Is there really no way to have a repeating background image as a journal’s wallpaper and, at the same time, a non-repeating background image as the journal’s top banner? I’ve gone through the tutorials and memories, even ran a search using that nifty engine at the right, so I know this has been brought up before. But my problem is a bit different...

The thing is, I only want components for my Recent Entries View but not on my Friends page, so when I tweaked my customizations in LJ’s UI(?), I turned off the Enable Friends Components option. Then, I used the code here for the top banner. Doing so, I have a top banner on all of my journal’s pages and a horizontal navigation bar in my Friends Page. I really like this. But then, I want a repeating background image as my journal’s wallpaper so I used a combination of the tutorial on Components on Both Sides and pamelajoy’s tutorial here. So now I have both a non-repeating background image as top banner and a repeating background image as wallpaper, BUT! In my Friends page, the horizontal nav bar has gone missing! So then I found masterslacker’s Restoring the Navigation Bar tutorial. Sometimes I get compilation errors (usually because I don’t place the code right after the body tag as mastersalcker instructed), but when I don’t get compilation errors, the nav bar in my Friends page still doesn’t show.

Another thing that results from this that I don’t really like is that, in my Friends page as well as in my Calendar/Archive View, the components follow the width size of my top banner. To solve this, I thought I’d type in the < br clear=all > tag after my image input (for the top banner). I don’t get compilation errors doing this but then it has no effect. Why does this happen? Am I right to suspect the components are following the width size of the top banner? If so, how else can I avoid this? I hope someone would be so kind as to give me the right code format...? If it’s not because of the top banner, is it actually my Recent Entries View with the problem?

Back to the top banner + wallpaper issue. My guess is to adapt the restoring nav bar code under a separate function for FriendsPage properties. I’ve tried it but then I keep getting compilation errors mainly due to the < div class = “header” > part. Or should I compile a separate layer for my Friends page? If so, where can I find a tutorial or the entire code/stylesheet input on that?

For reference, my theme layer ID is 3842237.

Obviously, I’m not an HTML/CSS/whatever expert. I admit that I can’t for the life of me understand it, that I’m so grateful in finding some really good and easy tutorials here and there that only need to be copied and pasted. It’s just that, argh, I want some things different from what they’re offering. Maybe I’m searching in the wrong places, getting the wrong tutorials? Maybe there really is no way to get everything I want? Oh, geez, that sounded too dramatic. Anyhoo, point is, please just tell me if what I want to happen to my layout is entirely impossible and I’ll go shut up. But if it is, please send me the correct code/stylesheet input(s)? Please?

I’ll check in again later. Thanks in advance for all the help...! ^_^

EDIT, 032105, 10.51p Alright. So far, so good. Thanks to _tumblweed. I've got both a top banner and a wallpaper, AND all the components of my journal's pages are of the same width. But there's still a problem: Horizontal nav bar is still missing in my Friends page...

_tumblweed, could you take a look at it again? I did as you've advised but like I mentioned, nav bar in Friends page is still missing. I made two versions: #3836343 has the Restoring Nav Bar code, while #3842237 doesn't. I made the latter one without the code to see if maybe the code is "contradicting" LJ's wizard...Don't really know if that's smart or if I actually know what I'm doing but anyway, they're producing the same result...It's okay if there's nothing else you can advise me, you've done so much already...Or maybe someone else can take a look and see what's the problem? O_O;

EDIT, 032205, 2.23a WOOHOO! It's all fixed now! Greatness! Thanks to _tumblweed and kunzite1! I was right, I was looking at the wrong tutorials all along...Hee! ^_^

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