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Lj Links Component Problems..

I'm trying to add the LJ Links Component to my journal, but I keep getting an error.

Compile error: line 163, column 32: Unexpected token found.  Expecting: [TokenPunct] = (

Got: [TokenPunct] = >

  S2::Node, S2/, 139

  S2::NodeArguments, S2/, 25

  S2::NodeTerm, S2/, 450

  S2::NodeIncExpr, S2/, 41

  S2::NodeUnaryExpr, S2/, 40

  S2::NodeProduct, S2/, 28

  S2::NodeSum, S2/, 31

  S2::NodeRelExpr, S2/, 41

  S2::NodeEqExpr, S2/, 29

  S2::NodeLogAndExpr, S2/, 29

  S2::NodeLogOrExpr, S2/, 29

  S2::NodeRange, S2/, 29

  S2::NodeCondExpr, S2/, 29

  S2::NodeAssignExpr, S2/, 29

  S2::NodeExpr, S2/, 29

  S2::NodePrintStmt, S2/, 48

  S2::NodeStmt, S2/, 35

  S2::NodeStmtBlock, S2/, 42

  S2::NodeFunction, S2/, 104

  S2::Layer, S2/, 58

  S2::Compiler, S2/, 27



159: var string k1CPltLineString  = $k1CPltLineColor.as_string;

160: var string k1CPmedLineString = $*header_bgcolor.as_string;

161: var Color  k1CPdkLineColor   = $*header_bgcolor->darker(50);

162: var string k1CPdkLineString  = $k1CPdkLineColor.as_string;

163: var string k1CPopenRow  = """  <tr>\n    <td align="center" width="30%">""";

164: var string k1CPcloseRow = """    </td>\n  </tr>\n""";

165: var string k1CPnewCell  = """    </td>\n    <td align="center" width="30%">""";

166: # i used these variables to make it easier to make the table

167: # $k1CPopenRow opens a table row

Sorry if that's too much, I wasn't sure if I only needed to post the second part or both or what. =\
My coding and stuff can be viewed here

Towards the bottom where it says:

print_comp_header("LJ Links");

"Bleh.." is where I'm trying to put the code. So, how can I get it to work there, or I'm definitely open to another way to do it. I'm very very new to this (first day), but I am willing to learn.

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