Michael (masterslacker) wrote in component_help,

Updates to the "Customising your entries" tutorial.

Over the past few days I've had a few people point out problems with the resulting look that the entries have. I've fixed the tutorial slightly to accomodate these changes. I'm posting this here because I believe a few people are experiencing this problem, so instead of leaving it buried in a thread somewhere, I wanted to post it on the main page as well.

If you notice that the comment links and the "link" link are not lined up horizontally, the fix is HERE.

If you are seeing lots of extra space between each entry, the fix is HERE.

I've fixed it so that it can be used in a Community. There's nowhere that I can point out to you what I fixed, because it was a lot of little tidbits here and there. Most of you probably won't be interested in this, but at least you know it's possible.

If you notice any other problems, please ask me about it and I'll look into it.

Oh and just in case you're not sure what I'm talking about, the full (fixed) tutorial describing how to customise the look of your entries is HERE.


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