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Help Please!

Could someone please help me? I just recently bought a paid account. My layout is almost exactly what I want it to look like, except for a few things. If anyone could help me, one on one, I'd really appreciate it. I've read and tried to follow a bunch of tutorials from this community, but I still don't really understand. It's like a totally different language to me. If possible, I'd like someone to explain it the following to me, and be very specific about it:

1. Changing cursors. I'd like to change my cursor to an image, like babylove74 has. I have the overrides for it, but when I put the codes in my layer, but it doesn't work. I think you need to use print_custom_head, which I've tried before, but can never get it to work. The tutorials on it haven't helped me yet...I'm so confused.

2. Page transitions. I have HTML Codes/Overrides for them, but are they different with S2? And where do I put them?

3. Insert cute little locks and hearts for my entries instead of the boring LJ ones. Image hosted by I couldn't figure out how to do this with S1, so I have no freaking clue how one would go about putting it in S2. Grrrr.

If you need to see my overrides, I can provide them, but I'd rather do that through email. My email is Thank you!

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