Rhiannon (llanerch) wrote in component_help,

Editing nav bar / adding transparency

First off, I just wanted to say thank you to everyone in this community who has helped me with my various questions!

Would it be possible to ask two more? :)

1. Regarding the tutorial for the book and music components; is there a way to add a level of transparency to $k1Mbg? I've tried filter:alpha(opacity=80);-moz-opacity:0.80; in various places within the code but can't seem to get it to work.

2. Is it possible to edit my nav bar links so that they always point back to my journal? For example, I currently have

print "<span class=\"header-item\"><a href=\""+$p.view_url{"recent"}+"\">$*nav_entries_text</a></span>";

for my entries. However, when viewing a friend's page (using style=mine), clicking on that link brings me to *their* entries page. I'd want instead to be able to return to my various journal pages (friends, calendar, entries, etc.) no matter whose LJ I'm viewing. I'm guessing it would mean changing $p.view_url to ... something else? :)

Thank you again!

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