kunzite (kunzite1) wrote in component_help,

most commonly used tutorials, take two

here's what we got: now. if you have any to add, tell me.
also, we need to reorder the components on the right side of the comm layout.
  1. profile component. does the search thingy still work well?
  2. html help.
  3. helpful communities.
  4. lj links (control panel).
  5. update component. i vote we take this out. it promotes not reading stuffs before posting.
  6. clock is there for testing.
  7. and the mini-cal. right now it's kinda broke due to how we have the freefind search set up. hopefully i can fix it now that the component source is viewable to lj users.
  8. and the new component generated by the list of above tutorials to add.
provide your re-orderings by number

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