*~*Jeannie*~* (pinkdiamonds31) wrote in component_help,

Extra bottom scrollbar - why is it there? Mmmm?

I am so sorry to come and bother you all again, but I have been trying for the past few hours now to rectify this problem, and I still cannot seem to find where I've gone wrong!!

I have checked the memories and tutorials, I have included the shrinking and centering in the codes, but the recent view page on my friends journal, violentnitemare is still including a scrollbar along the bottom, and I can't understand why?

I used the exact same addtional custimizations as for my own journal, just changing the header and colours, but for some reason, her journals recent view page won't line up with the header...the header is centered and I've checked all of the custimizations again and again against my own, and I just cannot figure this out.

I'm so sorry to bother again, as I have already asked for help with this particular problem, and I tried everything that was suggested to me, and all I can think of is there must be something small I have overlooked...

I would be eternally grateful if someone could help me, I'm trying my best to figure this all out...

Thank you for your time concerning this, any help would be wonderful!!


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