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So, I have a bit of a conundrum, and if the tutorial exists to help me and I totally missed it, then by all means pelt me with rotten vegetables -- except eggplant, it's hell to wash out.

I'm about to sit down to code a new Component layout for my journal using the shrinking & centering tutorial, among other things. Instead of a nav bar, though, I'd like a customized nav component in my sidebar, with extra links tossed in there. Do I need to use the original layout code to create my navigation [including forward and back links], or is there someplace I haven't spotted yet that includes the code for the navigation component? I could probably tinker with one of the nav bar tutorials, but I'm afraid I'd do irreparable damage to A) my journal and B) my sanity in the process. Point me vaguely in the direction of code, and I'll be set. I think.

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