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Header border problem... eek!

First, let me start by saying that though I just joined tonight, your community is the only reason I'm not completely insane right now! :)
I seriously appreciate your constant patience, and ability to communicate your knowledges to all of us "noobs." :)

Onto the issue I'm having.

I have been working on a layer for about a week now (not what you see on my current journal - don't wanna post the new one until it's completed which will be soon if I can get past this road block). I've managed to cut and paste a million things from this valuable resource, but while doing so I've ended up slightly confused.

I used the Shrinking & Centering tutorial, and did a basic cut & paste (and modified to fit my journal). I was thrilled to finally get a header image. The problem I'm having is that I don't know how to create a border for my header image. I am versed in HTML, but this LJ s2 stuff throws just enough in there to leave me baffled from time to time.

The problem is this:

function page_layout(Page p) {
var string k1Swidth = "800px";
var string k1Sheader_url = ""; # optional header image url
var string k1Sheader_alt = "Lovemelikemusic's LJ header"; # optional header image alt text

That works gloriously (thank you very much!), but I don't see how I can customize it with the inline style sheet. There's no where to add a class option or anything of the sort. All I want is a measly 1px border (I can be so anal about the smallest things, sorry).

Any help you might be able to offer would be so greatly appreciated.
Thank you, in advance, for your time.
Anicee (aka lovemelikemusic)

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