unavailable. fictional. and overqualified. (naty_) wrote in component_help,
unavailable. fictional. and overqualified.

I'm using components on both sides (great tutorial, by the way) so I have 7 components total and I may add more. However, I want my friends page a bit neater. So, I used if/elseif statements to modify the component layout for my friends view. Two questions:

1) What if I want no header image (or maybe a titlebar or navbar instead of the image) on my "cleaner" friends view? As far I as I can tell, those items are part of function page_layout(Page p), right? I can't seem to find a way to have more than one page_layout for a single style. Is that possible?

2) Is there another (I don't really want to say easier, because the method I'm using isn't especially hard) way to achieve what I want?


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