Amanda (soosexy) wrote in component_help,

Getting Rid Of The Title

Ok, so I tried the search feature and the tutorials. Here is my problem with the tutorial. I am confused. *confused look* ! Okay, this is my question and trully I appreciate how patient everyone is and how helpful they are.O _ o

Sooo anyway. The tutorial that explains how to edit the title bar but I can not look at it and see how to just remove the title bar from my entries page. or my last_n page. I know its something with the print my entries and then something after that but everytime I try to edit or mess around with it I just get an error.

Here is my layer.

can anyone tell me how to edit this so that I have no journal title at all ?

Ok next I did find a tutorial about editing the date but once again it does something entirely. What I want is my date on my journal page to be different than it is. I want it to say for instance Thursday (so the day in front of the date) and then the date and I like the date the way it is but then I want the time also on the journal ?? I can not figure out how to edit just the date. Once again the tutorial covrers others and it confuses me. I have tried for weeks now just to mess around before I resorted to bothering you nice people!

also on both of these questions I am editing in my user layer I put above because my theme layer is just the square boxes. I know some people have their whole colors in their theme layer but I can not figure this out so I have it on my user layer.


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