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implimenting the FreeFind search tutorial...

I have checked and rechecked that I followed the steps in the FreeFind Searchbox tutorial (link) correctly... the tutorial is very straightforward, but FreeFind is not succeeding at indexing my journal. When I ask FreeFind to "Index now", shortly afterwards I receive an email indicating:

While one or more pages on your site were read, no pages were indexed. This may happen for a number of reasons.
a) there is no indexable content on your site(for example there is no text on your pages or you just have a blank page or you only have images on your page or your page is only JavaScript)
b) there is an HTML error on your home page
c) you have used the "exclude pages" feature in the FreeFind control center and accidentally excluded your whole site. A common way that users do this is to exclude their starting point(s). In that case the spider does not read the starting page which results in it not finding your other pages.

I added the function MonthPage::print() {} code from the tuorial to the end of my current theme layer, in doing so I amended the code with the ID number of the style layer I created per the instructions, and I un-commented the pink commented lines. No compiling errors.

In setting up the FreeFind account:
I replaced ljusername with my LJ username when identifying my siteURL.
I replaced ljusername with my LJ username in defining the exclusions to indexing, which is otherwise copied exactly from the tutorial:**?.searchstart=true index=no follow=yes*?.searchseed=true index=no follow=yes*.html?s2id* index=yes follow=no*.html index=no follow=no*.html?mode=reply index=no follow=no*.html?thread=*#* index=no follow=no

Currently I have specified the site URL (per the tutorial) in the FreeFind account as the following:

Any suggestions as to what I am missing, or what I have done wrong? Should I have modified the dates in the Site URL from the default in the tutorial? Should the dates to begin indexing (in the pink text in the tutorial) be set to match the dates in the site URL I specify for the FreeFind account? Do these dates need to be dated after my first LJ entry is dated (which 1970 obviously predates)?

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