Amanda (soosexy) wrote in component_help,

Entries tutorial questions

hello. Quck questions ? hmmm. I hope the answer isnt right under my nose.

So I used the override my entries tutorial code and learned so much about how the component layout is written and understood. I fixed my date like I needed it almost but my questions are.

I want my edit and memory icons to be back up in the left top corner of my book instead of the right lower corner. I know where the code is where the stuff is at and I tried messing with the align and what not but still can not figure out what I am doing wrong ?

My layer is viewable. Its under my theme layer not my user layer. The number is 3919639.

My other question is about my journal subject. I know this is somewhere in that same code but still can not figure out where but, anyway. How do I get the subject of my entries moved to the left side instead of the right side? Where is the code that justifies the journal subject ?

Thanks in advance if anyone knows :)

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