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colorized tutorials

I recommend adding to the style classes for creating colorized tutorials. Using masterslacker's color scheme, that would be:

black - code that doesn't need to be changed to make the enhancement work

green - very important comments explaining the operation of code, and further customisation that you can make. It explains code that is in the following three colours

red - either a variable value to change to customise your look, or code that you can play with to affect layout of items

blue - active lines that can be removed to remove functionality

pink - inactive lines that can be decommented to enable functionality

So, something like:
   color: #009900;

.variable {
   color: #993300;

.active {
   color: #333399;

   color: #CC33CC;

so then when creating a tutorial, users dont have to insert the colors themselves, just the class.

<span class="codeinactive">like so</span>

what do you think?

Edit: updated class names so they're easier to remember
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