Aniceé (lovemelikemusic) wrote in component_help,

LJ user/community name (different page views) help

Hi again!
I know I was just here the other day, and believe me, if I could have cracked this one myself I would have, but I'm stumped.
Thus far everything I've done to my layout-in-progress has been fine on all pages (I like the consistency).

However, I was rearranging the lj user text links, and icon (put the icon inside my entry), and ran into a kink.
The icon inside works great, but (the code I'm modifying is basically cut and paste from the scrolling entry tutorial) the user links look funny.
Here's an image of what I'm talking about

The intention is to have my lj name (lovemelikemusic, obviously) at the bottom of the entry holder area on my "recent view" page, and then the name of the user, and community on the friends view. Unfortunately the only way I've been able to make that happen is to do the user & journal/community on my recent page too, and it looks tacky.

So this is what I would like (format-wise) for it to look like...

Recent View:
By: lovemelikemusic

Friends View:
By: slinkii @ 100x100_brushes

Hope that wasn't too confusing.
Any help would be greatly appreciated!
Thanks in advance,

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