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a couple things

one: i am putting together a public component_help friend group that will have lj users who help a lot in the community, and even others who would like to be in there. the current people are: anchan218, bubbleteagirl, capturedheart, chsllama, corneliusjd, gwyndragon, kunzite1, ladybirdsleeps, liabunny, lirianna, masterslacker, myrav, phillywilly, seshen, sirnopealot, t3knomanser, takenbutterfly, xevinx, and zhymmy, zzyzx.
if you would like to be added or removed from this list, leave it in a comment.

two: i have a couple functions/variables that id like to be created and/or logic figured out to make it work. if u view communities from yer friends page, u can do the thingy where itll show an "edit entry" button/text link that takes u to the edit entry page for that entry, whether its in yer personal journal or a community. is there a way to put into a layer for a community a thingy of code that will do that if you are logged in as yourself and have it tell which entries are yours and which ones arent. that way you could also go to the community's page and have an "edit entry" button/text link there as well. this may require new thingies similar to viewer_logged_in() and viewer_is_owner(). could someone make something that would do something like viewer_is_author() and viewer_is_maintaner() ?

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