keeping it vaguely imaginary... (__kali__) wrote in component_help,
keeping it vaguely imaginary...

Print Custom Head advice needed...

I'm trying to align my journal so that it is five pixels away from the right hand side and I'm having some trouble.

I tried to use this:

function Page::print_custom_head() {

body {
margin-right: 5px;

And got this error:

Compile error: line 371, column 6: Unexpected token found. Expecting: [TokenPunct] = (
Got: [TokenPunct] = {
S2::Node, S2/, 139
S2::NodeArguments, S2/, 25
S2::NodeTerm, S2/, 450
S2::NodeIncExpr, S2/, 41
S2::NodeUnaryExpr, S2/, 40
S2::NodeProduct, S2/, 28
S2::NodeSum, S2/, 31
S2::NodeRelExpr, S2/, 29
S2::NodeEqExpr, S2/, 29
S2::NodeLogAndExpr, S2/, 29
S2::NodeLogOrExpr, S2/, 29
S2::NodeRange, S2/, 29
S2::NodeCondExpr, S2/, 29
S2::NodeAssignExpr, S2/, 29
S2::NodeExpr, S2/, 29
S2::NodeExprStmt, S2/, 28
S2::NodeStmt, S2/, 55
S2::NodeStmtBlock, S2/, 42
S2::NodeFunction, S2/, 104
S2::Layer, S2/, 58
S2::Compiler, S2/, 27


367: }
369: function Page::print_custom_head() {
371: body {
372: margin-right: 5px;
373: }

Advice on what I am doing wrong/what I should be doing would be appreciated.

And to save double posting, could someoine direct me to a tutorial that allows you to make a text box above your entries like in this community?

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