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I need some help... I figured out how to make my journal have 3 columns — one with components, then my entries, then more components. (I'll post a tutorial once I get it working completely right. The problem I'm having is that if I set it to show my userpics with each entry, it stretches my journal so I have to scroll horizontally just a bit to see the whole thing...

...Here is my layer...

Could anyone look through that and see if you can figure out why it'd be doing that? I'm sure there's just something small I need to tweak to make it work, but I just can't find it...


editted to add... Apparently it's gotta be something in the "page layout" part... cuz I took out all the other customizations and it still wasn't right... It's right on the friends and calendar pages, and even the reply/comments pages... just not on the recent entries page... I have no clue why though. :p zhymmy figured out how to fix it by putting the userpic inside the same box as the entry text and have the text wrap around the pic, or you can adjust it so there's no text wrap... The only problem with that is, if you're using the 'scrolling entries' tutorial, the text still wraps when you scroll down. I dunno why. Also, the pics will scroll with the rest of the entry. :p I think I'm about ready to give up on getting it to work with showing the userpics, unless anyone else can figure out what's wrong.

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