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Just A few Small Questions

I am *pretty* sure these questions are not in the tutorial section. If they are please bitch slap me...

Looking at this pretty lj = http://www.livejournal.com/users/naturellebella/

It *looks like squared components* if its not... refer to bitch slap comment.. And what kind of layout is it if its not comp... if it is comp...

I was curious as to how they...

1. Got the navigation links in the small component box like that? did she just recreate it completely? Confused a little...

2.Also how under her read & reply links she has a link picture (the quote thing) .. How do you get something under there?

3. The heart in her date?

4. Also saw someones calendar with circles around the dates..

Ty Ty for any help anybody can gimme!

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