Moxie (bemocked) wrote in component_help,

a suggestion?

I have a suggestion. I think the revised & tweaked layout for this community is very user friendly (my compliments). But, I see how many people still don't read into the tutorials or look around the page much before asking the most common questions. I don't know if this suggestion will actually help that much in the end or not. The titles of the tutorials can only be so long (obviously). Maybe new folks aren't finding them descriptive enough upon first glance? I would offer the suggestion of creating an, "I am new to S2 and/or Component and I want to..." page?

The page could start something like this:

Just got a paid account?
New to the S2 style system?
New to the Component Layout?

and now you want know how to:

My thinking was that maybe the combination of a bit more plain English and then also actually outright verbializing the most common questions might help steer folks to the tutorials first before they post the same questions again and again...? Just a thought, trying to help...

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