because I'm fun like that (marishna) wrote in component_help,
because I'm fun like that

Looking for help

I was referred here by wherethewind__ over my pages not loading properly.

I just put up a new banner on my LJ and changed the colours around but copy pasted the code exactly from my previous layer that worked fine previously. I'm fairly certain I didn't change anything in the CSS because I KNOW I'd screw something up (and it could still turn out that I did) so I don't know what's wrong. I'm getting problems with my pages not fully loading at the bottom like this, this and this. This is the link to my layer, if it helps. I'm sure this is something painfully simple brought on by my own stupidity.

I'd appreciate any help with this, if possible.

Thank you!

[ETA] I somehow fixed it, by copy pasting the whole thing over again and replacing all the colours and such again. I don't know how that's different than what I did before, but it worked. Thank you to everyone who tried to help!

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