olivia flaversham (enteropy) wrote in component_help,
olivia flaversham

Okay I have been searching through the tutorials for like hours, and I know it's just because of my stupidity that I
CANNOT find this tutorial.
But I'm looking for the tutorial for how to remove

I KNOW I have used the code before---and the coding was the one where you just add it to the bottom of your basic customization layer that
looks like this:

set show_entry_userpic = true;
set free_text_text = "THE LEXY";
set profile_text = "INFORMATION";
set comp_navbar = true;
set comments_bgcolor = "#6d6d6d";
set fourth_position = "free_text_order";
set calendar_text = "CALENDAR";

I accidently edited my customizations the easy way and ended up overriding the code I had inserted, and NOW I can't find it.
by ANY chance does anyone know where this tutorial is? Maybe, it's just because it's two in the morning, or because I just had SAT's...but this is is killing me.

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