David Sawyer (davesawyer) wrote in component_help,
David Sawyer

news summary idea

I'm always posting questions re. creative new component ideas. And without fail, kunzite1 always manages to answer my question. Perhaps I should just start emailing him. But at any rate, here's my idea/questions.

Edit: added a rough sketch of the idea

I was reading the New York Times this morning and was checking over the "News Summary" section. It has all the headlines in that section with one or two sentence summaries of the articles. This sounds like a great idea for my livejournal design.

It'd be sweet to somehow include the first few sentences of a entry in the page summary component.


But then again, even if that were possible, it'd have to be in the center of the page, which would be a problem for the component layout.

Ugh. If anyone can make sense of what I'm getting at and has any ideas, let me know. Thanks.


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