Socket L. Nutmegging (bradamant) wrote in component_help,
Socket L. Nutmegging

How to change link titles and add items in navbox?

I've read back quite a few pages here and found a few things that touch on these ideas but none that seem to really explain how to do it.

I'd like to add additional items to the nav component (e.g. "index" to link to my memories page and "scrapbook" for fotobilder). I'd like to change the titles of a few of the existing links (e.g. change "calendar" to say "archive" and "entries" to say "main page" or something like that). I tried to do those things myself, to no avail. I know I could do this, but I don't know how to suppress the original navbox so there aren't two of 'em and I also like the fact that, in my color scheme, the red really jumps out at you.

Another minor thing I'd like to fix: on pages where both "next" and "previous" appear in the navbox, like on this page, I'd like them to be side by side (which is how it is on component_help's own page, but I don't know the style number for that!). Is there any way to make "next" and "previous" appear all in lower-case?

All of the stuff I've done so far is in my user layer, which I confess is probably a mess because I've been borrowing stuff from here :) and pasting it in willy-nilly. (All I have in my theme layer is the code to create free components.) I really intend to clean all this up sometime but I'm always afraid of breaking everything.

ETA:</a> I cleaned up my user and theme layers a bit. Also, I'm not sure all my layers were public before, so I fixed that, too.

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