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print date contents OUTSIDE the entry header

I had figured this out at one point, but I can't for the life of me remember how I did it. =o/
How can I print my date contents OUTSIDE of the entry header?

"<div class=date1>"+$e.time->date_format("%%day%%")+"</div>
<div class=date2>"+$e.time->date_format("long")+"</div>
<div class=date3>"+$e.time->time_format()+"</div>");

I don't want the date info in a header, but within the entry itself.

I've tried several random things, but continue to get errors. =o/

So basically, I'm needing to know what the correct format would be to get this to print:

<div class=date1>"+$e.time->date_format("%%day%%")+"</div>
<div class=date2>"+$e.time->date_format("long")+"</div>
<div class=date3>"+$e.time->time_format()+"</div>

But I can't figure out what quotes should go where, and whether or not I should be using something closer to this format: """<div class=date2>""";+$e.time->date_format("long")+"""</div>""";

(which doesn't work as it is, obviously.)...or just the single quotes as the code appears in the print_entry_header function...? Help please?

Thanks in advance! =o)

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