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Problem with Scrolling Entries in Firefox

I don't know if anybody will know of a fix for this.  I've heard it's actually a bug with Firefox, but I thought I'd ask around and see if anybody else had the same problem or knew more about it.

I used eduthepenguin's tutorial (here) with a bit of extra code to create scrolling entries.  Basically I have an if/then statement in my code that reads the number of characters in an entry and compares it to a max length variable.  If it's larger, the entry div is set to a specific height with a scrollbar.

However, I have a problem where entries containing links (or lj user dealies) show up with a scrollbar that doesn't do anything.  The entry isn't even set to the proper height when it happens, which leads me to believe it might have something to do with Firefox's handling of the overflow property on divs.

Anybody have any suggestions?  I tried searching google and the Mozillazine forums for any info on a Firefox overflow bug, but I found nothing.

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