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transparency of "rounded edges" picture

..or at least that's what i think might be the issue. but then, i am also probably wrong.

I only got myself a paid account this week so i am completely new to the s2 style (not to livejournal or html/css coding).

I started out using this tutorial by panda_cookie to shrink the size of the boxes and include a header image. i tried to cut out as much code as i knew i didnt want (the boxes with random lyrics, and watching etc). It did work fine. I also added the code for the "spiffy time format" (tutorial) and it all worked fine. (layer for this theme here).

I tried adding different colours with a stylesheet today and used this tutorial to override the stylesheet. i realized there was a note saying another tutorial would be better suited, but the other one was only talking about transparency and i understood how the first tutorial was supposed to be done, so i did that. It did go well and all, but as you can see when you click on my journal the rounded corners are white..:-/

link to new layer. i basically only added the stylesheet starting with function print_stylesheet() { at the end of the other layer..so i dont know where the problem might be.

any help would be greatly appreciated. thank you!

thanks, problem solved.

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