Jessica (jesster2282) wrote in component_help,

Coding difficulties

I've been using s2 for a short while now and have pretty much managed to figure most things out myself with the help of the wonderful tutorials on this site. I've just recently made over my journal, and am still experiencing difficulty with getting my navigation bar rounded.

I've been attempting to use masterslacker's tutorial on rounding navigation bar, but I'm doing something wrong. (I tried to ask him a long time ago, but never received a reply) I can get the first bit of code (removing the gradient background) to work, but after that, I just receive error after error. I also use kunzite1's code for shrinking and centering and I've had to merge the page_layout functions, so I'm guessing my problem is coming from merging them incorrectly. I've tried so many different things in hopes of not having to beg for help, but I'm at the end here. Here is my code without the rounded navigation bar coding. Maybe someone can guide me in the right direction here.

Don't mind the random ######s or notes I've left myself. It's easier for me to recognize which code does what when I organize it in my own weird way.


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