Charly (charly2004) wrote in component_help,

I have a problem with my lj. Well I had my layout the way I wanted it (my layers may be a total!!! chaos since I have to admit I know very little about all this, but I tried for weeks till it worked, but my layout looked the way I wanted it for months) but suddenly for some days now my lj is totally gone crazy. It looks like it should when I have the flistview (most times at least) but when I look at my own journal it shows only half of my components on the right side, sometimes none of them or totally strange, or it doesnt show the page at all or it makes spaces between boxes where there shouldn`t be spaces..
I`d appreciate help veryvery much, I want it back the way it looks on my friendsview. I`m not even sure this has something to do with my layers, becasue I didn`t change anything in there in the last weeks, but just in case it has I thought I try and ask here, would be very nice if somebody could help me, or at least tell me that it has nothing to do with my layers, then I will delete this post again :) that`s the lj and that`s the flistview where all components (10 including profile) appear.

thank you :)

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