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i need screenshots

davesawyer had a kickass suggestion. screenshots of the tutorials.

go thru the tutorials. find one and do the following:
/customize/advanced/styles.bml, take note of your current style.
/customize/, choose component, hit change.
/customize/layer.bml?w=user, scroll down and hit save.
/customize/advanced/styles.bml, reactivate your normal journal style.
/customize/advanced/layers.bml, edit new component user layer. rename it to the name of the tutorial that you will be using. compile.
/customize/advanced/styles.bml, edit new component style. should be called "wizard-component."
rename it to the name of the tutorial that you will be using. attach user layer. save.
/customize/advanced/layers.bml, insert code from tutorial into user layer. if free text component, add set show_free_text = true; ... if nav component alteration, add set comp_navbar = true;
insert code as-is. no custom text. unless required. custom images to be http://stat.livejournal.com/img/goat-normal.gif, alt text to be frank, links to be http://www.livejournal.com/, link text to be lj home

take screens in macosx/winxp/*nix, safari/ie/firefox/opera , res >= 800x600, maximize the window (not full-screen mode, but the button that makes it so the window fills the screen). make sure that they are full-size images. some of those image-hosting sites resize the images when they are uploaded. that is unacceptable. and they need to be decent quality too. if using compression in jpg, make sure that the colors still look reasonable. none of that artifact crap.

comment to this entry with the following:
[title of tutorial with link to it]
[text links to images, include labels for platform/browser/res]

shrinking and centering
http://www.example.com/screen1.jpg - winxphome/ie6/1024x768
http://www.example.com/screen2.jpg - macosx/ff1.0.3/800x600
http://www.example.com/screen3.jpg - ubuntu linux (debian child)/opera8release/1280x1024

if you have any suggestions to this process, let me know.
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