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I might get all this now?!

I hope the gurus will bear with me on this post. But I think I'm on the cusp of everything coming together in my head! Hopefully it'll make sense for some of the others like me who are a little beyond just cutting-and-pasting but are still BSing most of the time.

Ok, so when the tutorial writers are putting var blah blah blah at the beginning of their codes, they're creating variables. K1 likes to make his variables personalized, hence the "k1Sheader", etc, which I guess means you can call a variable whatever you want. Then to reference the variable later in the code, they amend a '$' on the front. I guess this makes the code more effecient by having to compile less information (?). Right?

Also, I think now I understand how to open and close if statements and how to use HTML with the S2 coding. It's pretty exciting having
it all come together finally. Maybe now I can start pulling my weight around here and start helping out on some basic questions for new users.

1. What's the difference between variables that start $p. $e. and just $ ?
2. Where do you find all of those different variables you're referencing? I'm sure there's a list that I've seen before, but didn't know what it was until now.
3. What is metadata? I remember in a post someone mentioned the metadata being a "treasure chest" of unknown attributes or something.

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